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A new vision for
International Education in Asia

Leading the education industry as a group of professionals with expertise in operating K-13 international schools and enrichment programmes.


Since its founding in 2004, Clarence Education group has been developing and operating British international schools and paving the way for prestigious British public schools to provide education of the highest quality to children.


Clarence International School, established in 2016 in collaboration with the royal founding charity, Children & The Arts (founded in 2002 by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales), now educates more than 100 young children. It has a focus on the Arts, underpinned by the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.


Through its management and investment consulting arm, CEA has lent its expertise to the British Council, the Eiken Foundation of Japan, and British Public Schools. 


What we do

We have developed the most comprehensive turnkey system for establishing leading international  schools while carefully managing uncertainty and risk.

Schools under our management benefit from compliance and legal support, recruitment of senior leaders, staff training, financial and strategic planning, marketing and admissions planning, curriculum and pedagogy development and implementation, ICT optimisation, and advisory services for school-specific needs.


Hokkaido Enrichment Campus

Some of the most meaningful education happens outside of the traditional classroom. When people develop a deeper appreciation for life, their local and global community, and both deepen and widen their skills and passions, we call this enrichment. We’ve developed a campus in Hokkaido specifically to harness this in pupils from all over Japan, with truly unique summer and winter programmes. 35 minutes from New Chitose Airport, our Enrichment Campus features classrooms and accommodation for 120 pupils and staff on 50,000 square meters of land.



Entrepreneur of the Year! 


The co-founders of CEA, Fei-Fei Hu and Ayahi Suda have been named Entrepreneur of the Year at the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s 2021 British Business Awards (BBA) on November 5.

Press Release by RSIL, Chiba University, CEA, and CEAMS

Rugby School, Chiba University, Clarence Education Asia Limited (CEA, Hong Kong), and CEAMS LLC (CEAMS - CEA's subsidiary company in Japan) are delighted to announce that a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed on July 30th 2021, by the four parties (Chairman of the Rugby School Board (Barry John O’Brien), the President of Chiba University (Toshinori Nakayama), and the CEO of CEA and CEAMS (Fei-Fei Hu)) with the aim to establish “Rugby School Japan” in September 2023. Rugby School Japan will be a UK Year 7-13 co-educational day and boarding school at one part of the Chiba University Kashiwanoha Campus. A new Foundation called Rugby School Japan Establishment Preparation Foundation (Rugby School  Japan)  will be established in August 2021. 


Rugby School Japan will run the British curriculum and House system. The new school will benefit from Rugby School's 450-year history and experience in educational excellence, championing the 'Whole Person, Whole Point' ethos within the context of Japan.


ラグビー校(所在地:イギリス ウォリックシャー、理事長:Barry John O’Brien)、国立大学法人千葉大学(所在地:千葉県千葉市、学長:中山俊憲)、Clarence Education Asia Ltd.(本社:香港、CEO:フェイフェイ フウ、以下、CEA)、及びCEAの日本法人CEAMS合同会社(本社:東京都千代田区、CEO:フェイフェイ フウ、以下、CEAMS)の4者は、2023年9月に"Rugby School Japan"を設立することを目指す基本合意書を、2021年7月30日に締結致しました。

Rugby School Japanは、国立大学法人千葉大学の柏の葉キャンパス内の一部に、英国式Year 7~ Year 13の男女共学の通学制・寮制選択可能なボーディング・スクールとして開校する予定です。2021年8月に開校準備を担う「Rugby School Japan設立準備財団」が設立されます。


Rugby School Japanは、英国カリキュラムとハウス・システムを導入します。同校は、日本においてもラグビー校の理念である"Whole Person, Whole Point"という全人教育を掲げ、その450年間の歴史と卓越した教育経験の恩恵を受けるものとなります。

CEA is now operating a new Primary School in the heart of Tokyo!

Underpinned by a strong British curriculum, Phoenix House International School opened its doors in August 2021, delivering a language rich British style primary school education to the international community in Tokyo.


CEA is partnering with Rugby School in the UK to establish Rugby School Japan.